Publications of Jeremy Haslam


Publications on archaeology and history by Jeremy Haslam (in chronological order)

I am including here a section on papers in draft form which are written for publication, but not yet published.  The final published versions may differ from these drafts.  Your constructive comments on these would be welcome.  Please contact me through this page, or at

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The archaeology and history of towns & Anglo-Saxon burhs.

‘An Archaeological research centre for the London region’,  The London Archaeologist,  (vol.1 no.10, 1972).

‘Medieval streets in London’,  The London Archaeologist,  (vol.2 no.1, 1972).

‘Research and publication of London’s archaeology’,  The London Archaeologist, (vol.2 no.15, 1972).

‘The excavation of a section  across Aldersgate Street, City of London’,  Transactions of the London & Middlesex Archaeological Society 24 (1973),  74-84.  Excavations of a section across Aldersgate pt 1 – pdf

Excavations of a section across Aldersgate – foldout…

‘The excavation of the defences of Devizes, Wilts.’,  Wiltshire Archaeological Magazine 1972/73(1980), 59-65.    Devizes excavations – pdf

‘Wells and Ramsbury: a further look at urban origins’, Current Archaeology, no. 77 (VII no.6, 1981), 188.      Wells and Ramsbury – pdf

‘A “ward” of the burh of Cricklade’, Wiltshire Archaeological Magazine 76 (1981), 77-81.

‘The origin and plan of Bedford’, Bedfordshire Archaeology 16 (1983), 28-36.    Origins and plan of Bedford – pdf

‘The development and topography of Saxon Cambridge’, Proceedings of the Cambridge Antiquarian Society LXXII (1984), 13-29.    Development and topography of Anglo-Saxon Cambridge – pdf

‘The towns of Wiltshire’, in J Haslam (ed.) Anglo-Saxon Towns in Southern England (Phillimore ) (1984), 87-148.   Wiltshire towns – pdf

‘The towns of Devon’, in J Haslam (ed.) Anglo-Saxon Towns in Southern England (Phillimore ) (1984), 249-84.     Devon towns – pdf

‘The ecclesiastical topography of early medieval Bedford’, Bedfordshire Archaeology 17 (1986), 41-50.   Ecclesiastical topography of early medieval Bedford – pdf

‘The metrology of Anglo-Saxon Cricklade’,  Medieval Archaeology 30 (1986), 99-103.   Cricklade metrology – pdf

‘The second burh of Nottingham’,  Landscape History 9 (1987), 45-52.   The second burh of Nottingham – pdf

‘Market and fortress in the reign of Offa’, World Archaeology 19 no.1 (1987), 76-93.   Market and fortress in the reign of Offa – pdf

‘The 10th century burh of Wigingamere’, Landscape History 10 (1988), 25-36.   The Anglo-Saxon Burh of Wigingamere – pdf

‘Parishes, churches, wards and gates in eastern London’, in J.Blair (ed.),  Minsters and Parish Churches: the local church in Transition (Oxford University Cttee for Archaeology, Monograph no.17)  (1988), 35-44.    London parishes  – pdf

‘Dommoc and Dunwich: a reappraisal’, Anglo-Saxon Studies in Archaeology and History 5 (1992), 41-6.     Dommoc and Dunwich – pdf

‘The location of the 10th century burh of Wigingamere: a reappraisal’ , in Names, Places and People (ed. A.R.Rumble & A.D.Mills) (1997),  111-130.     Burh of Wigingamere – pdf

‘Excavations on the defences of  Cricklade, Wilts, in 1975’, Internet Archaeology 13, 2003 <>

Summary of above, in Wiltshire Archaeological Magazine.

‘King Alfred and the Vikings – strategies and tactics, 878-886’, Anglo-Saxon Studies in Archaeology and History 13 (2005), 121-53.  King Alfred and the Vikings – pdf

The development of medieval Tonbridge, Kent’, Archaeologia Cantiana Medieval Tonbridge – pdf

‘The development of Moorfields [London], the historical background’, in Reclaiming the Marsh: Archaeological excavations at Moor House, City of London, 1998-2004 (ed. J Butler), PCA Monograph 6 (London), 45-50, 67-8.    London Marsh pdf

‘The early development of late Saxon Christchurch, Dorset, and the Burghal Hidage’, Medieval Archaeology 53 (2009).     Saxon Christchurch – pdf

‘King Alfred and the development of London’, London Archaeologist 2010.   King Alfred and the development of London – pdf

The development of London by King Alfred: a reassessment’, Transactions of the London and Middlesex Archaeological Society, 61 (2010), 109-44.  Alfred and London – a reassessment – pdf

‘The origin of the two burhs of Oxford’, Oxoniensia 75 (2010), 25-34.

The two burhs of Oxford

2.  King Alfred, Mercia and London 874-886: a reassessment – the regional background to the analysis already published of the planning and layout of late Saxon London (Alfred and London: a reassessment – above).  Now published in Anglo-Saxon Studies in History and Archaeology Vol. 17 – published version now accessible by the link below.

King Alfred and London – a reassessment


Pre-publication drafts . . . .

1.  ‘The wall tenements of Oxford and the process of burghal formation’.

Oxford mural mansions.pdf

2. Planning in late Saxon Worcester – proposes an alternative model for the early development of Worcester.

This draft is now superceded by a revised version, incorporating new ideas developed as a result of discussion with colleagues (watch this space for revised version).

Planning in late Saxon Worcester

3.  A reassessment of the layout and planning of two twelfth-century towns – Ludlow and Bridgnorth, Shropshire.

Bridgnorth and Ludlow town plans

4. Urban-rural connections in Domesday Book and the late Anglo-Saxon town – develops a new model to explain the origins and function of ‘heterogeneous tenure’ in the Anglo-Saxon town.

(This is quite long).

This has now been expanded to a monograph of some 90,000 words, which will be published by British Archaeological Reports.  If you wish to view the complete draft as submitted for publication, please email me at

Urban-rural conections 7 – March 28 2011

5. Daws Castle, Somerset, and civil defence measures in the 9th to 11th centuries (To be published in Archaeological Journal

Daws Castle and Watchet, Somerset, & civil defense measure…

6. A probable lat Saxon burh at Ilchester.  Explores evidence for the hypothesis that Ilchester, Somerset, is a burh of late 9th century origin which is missing from the surviving MSS of the list of burhs in Wessex in the Burghal Hidage

A probable late Saxon burh at Ilchester


Wallingford and its context in Wessex.  For the forthcoming volume on the recent funded research project on Wallingford.

Wallingford and its context in Wessex


Studies in Ceramics, glass, iron-smelting history and sculpture.

‘Oxford Taverns and the cellars of All Souls’ College in the 17th and 18th centuries’,  Oxoniensia XXXIV (1969),   45-77.

Oxford taverns and the cellars of All Soul’s pt 1 – pdf

Oxford taverns and the cellars of All Soul’s pt 2 – pdf

‘Sealed bottles from the cellars of All Souls’ College’ in the 18th century’,  Oxoniensia XXXV (1970), 27-33.

‘Bibliography of English medieval glass’,  Notiziario di Archaeologia Medievale, (Genoa University, 1972).

‘Saxon pottery and a 16th century pottery group from Arundel House, London’, Transactions of the London &  Middlesex Archaeological Society 26 (1975),  220-231.

‘A 17th century pottery-making site at Cove, Hants’,  Post-Medieval Archaeology 10 (1975), 164-187.   Excavation of a 17th century pottery site at Cove, Hants – pdf

‘Glass finds from excavations at 126 High Street, Oxford, 1974’,  Oxoniensia 40 (1975).

‘A middle Saxon iron-smelting site at Ramsbury, Wilts’, Medieval Archaeology 24 (1980), 1-68.    Ramsbury Iron-smelting site – pdf

(with F. Anozie & K.Ray) ‘Preliminary archaeological studies of early iron-smelting in Igboland, SE Nigeria, in  Proceedings of the 9th Pan-African Congress on Archaeology, 1984.

‘Glass finds from Oxford excavations [medieval and later]’,  Oxoniensia 50 (1985), 103-121.

Review of Glass of the British Military, 1755-1820, in Archaeological Journal (1988), 227.

Symbolism and Meaning in Architectural Sculpture: a Case Study – London 1920-40, BA Dissertation, West Surrey College of Art and Design, Faculty of 3D design (1997).

Architectural sculpture – 1 Intro – pdf

Architectural sculpture – part 2 – index of sites pdf

Architectural sculpture – part 2-1 pdf

Architectural sculpture – part 2-2 pdf

Architectural sculpture – part 2-3 pdf

Architectural sculpture – part 2-4 pdf

Architectural sculpture – part 2-5 pdf

Architectural sculpture – part 2-6 pdf

Architectural sculpture – part 2-7 pdf

Architectural sculpture – part 2-8 pdf

Architectural sculpture – part 2-9 pdf

Architectural sculpture – part 2-10 pdf

Architectural sculpture – part 2-11 pdf

Architectural sculpture – part 2-12 pdf

Architectural sculpture – part 2-13 pdf

Architectural sculpture – part 2-14 pdf

Architectural sculpture – part 2-15 pdf

Architectural sculpture – part 2-16 pdf

Architectural sculpture – part 2-17 pdf

Architectural sculpture – part 2-18 pdf

Architectural sculpture – part 2-19 pdf

Architectural sculpture – part 2-20 pdf

Architectural sculpture – part 2-21 pdf

Architectural sculpture – part 2-22 pdf

Architectural sculpture – part 3


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